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Légère Synthetic Reeds

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Synthetic Woodwind Reeds

Welcome to the world of hassle-free music with Légère synthetic reeds. Légère make both clarinet and saxophone reeds, used by some of the best players around the world to teach, perform, and record. They are completely different from the plastic reeds you have tried before. The Legere synthetic woodwind reed is ready to play instantly, lasts for months, and sounds warm and woody like a great cane reed.



Soprano Saxophone


Alto Saxophone


Tenor Saxophone


Baritone Saxophone


Légère's Exchange Guarantee Policy for your retail customers
This unique scheme is designed to help players find the correct strength reed for them.

Strength Comparison Charts
Légère reeds are graded with great accuracy and sold in quarter strengths.
See our strength comparison charts to compare strengths with other brands.

Products:  Wholesale > Légère Synthetic Reeds