About Us

Wind Plus is a family business and has been supplying woodwind repair materials to the instrument repair trade since 1989. It is our aim to give a fast, reliable and friendly service, providing instrument repair technicians with their supplies of pads, springs, cork, felt and the many other items required for the repair of woodwind instruments.

Our large stock of pads include; Pisoni - Mypads, Premium Deluxe, Lucien Deluxe and LP-PRO and the Prestini Premium ES Line Sax pads.

The Köbl range of Woodwind and Brass instrument accessories, which we distribute to music shops, are hand made in Germany and are of excellent quality and value. These swabs, brushes, straps, slings and case covers make a great display in any music shop, or even the repair workshop, where discussing instrument care creates many sales opportunities.

Wind Plus is a UK distributor for Légère synthetic reeds for clarinet and saxophone. Légère reeds are completely different from the plastic reeds you have tried before. They play instantly, last for months, and sound warm and woody like a great cane reed.