FAQs - Pad Sizing

How are pads sized?
All pads are sized by the diameter measurement across the face of the pad:

Leather pads and skin pads with no shoulder
Leather Pads

Shouldered or stepped pads
Leather Pads

How do I know what pad sizes to order?
The best way to determine the correct size pad is by trying a selection of pads in the pad cup and selecting the one that fits best. If you don’t keep a stock of pads and need to order for just one instrument, then the inside diameter of each pad cup should be carefully measured using suitable callipers. The corresponding pad size will depend on the type of pad to be used.

For leather pads or skin pads with no shoulder, the required pad size will be equal to the internal diameter of the pad cup.

Leather Pads

For shouldered or stepped pads, the required pad size will be larger than the measured cup size as these pads overlap the rim of the pad cup. The pad size needed will usually be 0.5mm to 1mm larger than internal cup diameter, depending on the amount of overlap required.

Leather Pads

Because pad cups are often not manufactured to 0.5mm increments, it can be difficult to determine the correct pad size without trying the pad in the pad cup. If your pad cup measurment falls between sizes and you are not sure whether to go for a larger or smaller pad size, it might be best to order both.