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Pad Sets

Pad Sets - additional information:

If you need a set of pads for a particular instrument, we can now supply these made up as a set. We use the pad sizing data we have compiled for different makes and models of instruments to make up the pad sets.

Our Aim

The principle aim in supplying pads in sets is to enable repairers to easily order sets of pads for instruments booked in for overhauls. It will save time and assist you in quoting for jobs, as the pad set prices are clearly visible for different models of instruments, in different pad types.

The idea is that you can have a set ready to start the job and hopefully the majority of sizes will be correct. If you do get a size that does not match, our thinking is that you use your own workshop pad stock for a suitable replacement and add the spare pad to your stock.

You could also order pad sets to add to the working stock of pads in your workshop, depending on the instrument types you normally have in for repair. This is a good way to build up a useful range of sizes to keep in stock.

How to order a Pad Set

Please choose the instrument, make and model required and then choose one of the pad types available. You will see a list of the pad sizes for this set and the price. Please carefully check that the pad sizes match those needed for your instrument.

Manufacturers sometimes change pad specifications over time, even within the same models, so we cannot guarantee that all the sizes within a set will exactly match your instrument. If possible, it is always better to measure the pad cups on your instrument and order the necessary pads by size.

If there are any sizes out of stock within the pad set, we will automatically back order these and email you when they are back in stock. Please tick the box at the bottom of the pad set page if you do not want to back order them. Instead, you may want to separately order the next size bigger or smaller in the same range or go for another range if necessary.

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