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Repair Tools
a selection of specialist repair tools from Ferree's Tools and Pisoni

Razor Blades
Single and double edged razor blades

Pliers and Wire Cutters
Ferree's Tools spring replacing pliers
Maun Diagonal Cutting Nippers

6 inch Nicholson files and Bahco needle files

Slotted micro and comfort parallel slotted screwdriver by Kraftform

Spirit Lamp
Spirit lamp with wick - spare wicks available singly

Measuring Tools
Digital caliper and steel rule

Straight and Curved tweezers

Piercing Saw
Piercing saw with adjustable frame to accommodate different blade lengths.

Blades availabe from 32 TPI to a very fine 80 TPI

Junior Hacksaw
A wire framed junior hacksaw with lacquered finish.

Mallets and Hammers
Rawhide Mallets and Copper Hammers by Thor

High quality general purpose drills from 1.00mm to 6.00mm in 0.10 increments.

Taps & Dies
BA and Metric taps and dies

Products:  Repair Materials > Tools